15 July 2012

How to geo-cache in Tasmania

Choose a very wet, windy and cold day.
Take wet weather ponchos and umbrellas but be sure to leave in car and not remember them until you are in bush!

Tackle bush like a pro and with the aid of the ground speak  iphone app find location.

Find cache which could be tube/box/bottle or electronic tag.  Swap a goody if that applies and leave your details in note book.  
Place cache back in location and recover with bush debris.

Be sure to do this in off season so that there is only one place to grab a meal in three towns traversed!

Rinse and repeat.......

We found two caches today and had a ball.  I advise Geocaching Australia or geocaching  for starters and the groundspeak app (free)  was kid friendly so they could follow prompts and maps without assistance!

Joining Sunday in my City 

Owlet for Unschool Monday


del king said...

I love geocaching too. We have the same magical powers as you - to leave all appropriate gear required for the adventure in the car (or at home!) but it doesn't matter, it is getting out there and having fun that counts. I find it the perfect way to find adventures wherever we go, even if it is to the middle of suburbia for a kids soccer match.

Wayne said...

Geocaching is a lot of fun to do - especially in such a great environment such as Tasmania. Very cool.

Tara R. said...

Geocaching sounds like a wonderful family activity and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

actingbalanced said...

My daughter is our geocaching fan... we have a number of them all over Charleston

unknownmami said...

You guys know how to make a challenge even more challenging. Still it looks like much fun was had.