27 July 2012

I'm glad it is Friday

I am exhausted this week.  We seem to have lots on and I have been working quite a bit too.  Trying to get in some exercise as well.  Today we went out in search of another geocache.  It was a tricky one, it had two parts.  The first part was found relatively easy and that held the coordinates for the second part.  We hunted high and low for the second one but didn't find it.  However, we walked around 2km and climbed up and down rocks and beach tracks.  So not a complete waste of time.
I have also leant some things this week!
I know:

  • that facebook really hasn't a clue who should be my friend.  What is it with the random suggestions?
  • that I do need to get to bed earlier or  I spend the following day a grumpy, teary mess.
  • that I need to let go of a lot of emotional shit.
  • I need to 'man' up and take back the reins in regards to the kids.
  • that a certain wasband doesn't deserve the help I give and I need to back off.
  • my kids are awesome and smart and beautiful.
  • that given the choice of wood or carpet floors a cat will always puke on carpet.
 Enjoy your weekend folks :)


Jane Douglas said...

Things I know: 1. You are awesome. 2. We should catch up soon. xx

Carl Carls said...

Things I know: 1. You are awesome. 2. We should catch up soon. 3. I find it increasingly difficult to leave comments on your blogs, I think I have techno altzeimers. xx

Grace said...

That random suggestions for friends on FB is truly annoying, isn't it ?
Hope you have a great weekend!

carmen@musingnmayhem said...

Thanks for that hon... I didn't know most of those... except the fb thingo... it's a laugh I find... xx

NewLifeOnTheRoad said...

Yeah I am a bit like that ~ not enough sleep, teary eyed the next day. Things I know is fun! And yep there is always too much emotional shit that needs to be gone. Not sure how to let it go though!

Tracey @ Bliss Amongst Chaos said...

Always the flipping carpet.....always! :)

Dorothy @ Singular Insanity said...

I've been wanting to try geocaching for about four years now. Despite my weekly newsletter, I still haven't got around to it. I really, really want to.

I also hear you about the kids. I've let things slide and I have a couple of annoying little arse-hats on my hands. Time to re-tame them ;-)

Thanks for linking up with Things I Know this week!