ASD resources

Published articles of interest
Aspergers' theory does about face - interesting article on ASD and empathy

General Information
Autistics dot org - a variety of articles and information regarding ASD
The Mind Within - assortment of writing by and for those with ASD
Autism Help Info - lists services and has some information on ASD

Autism Help - fabulous site packed with information on ASD and PDD-NOS
Raising Children Network -  this site is huge and has so many resources on everything.  Some relevant pages include:   How ASD is diagnosed
              Support forums
              Autism specific pages
Sensory Processing - offers support, resources and a check list regarding SP disorders
What is PDD-NOS
Early Days - offer free services, workshops and resources to families of children with ASD in Australia
Autism Training - fantastic site for parents and teachers.  Loads of information plus free workshops
Carer allowance and payment - information for the centrelink payments.
Fed up with Food additives - looks at food and it's effect on behaviour.  Great Sue Dengate site

Regional Support
Autism Tasmania - support for families
Autism Victoria  - has quite a good range of resources and assistance.
Autism South Australia 
Autism Queensland
Autism Western Australia
Autism Spectrum dot org - seems to offer services for mainland Australia only.
Autism  Awareness - looks to be NSW based services

Learning aids
Do2Learn - loaded with learning aids, visual aids and songs for learning for those with children with disabilities
Secret Agent Society - This is a game to teach children with ASD social skills.  Offers a free limited use sample and you do need to buy the game on offer.  Very highly rated but also quite expensive.The Watson Institute - this site offers loads of information for parents, carers and teachers.  I found it useful for visual aids.
Visual Aids for Learning - a site with downloadable and free visual aids, cue cards etc  All catergorised and very easy to navigate.
Kebeni visual aids templates
Autism TV - I have just started exploring this site.  It is huge and it looks AWESOME. 
SeeSaw Visual Aids