Home Ed Resources

I thought I would share some of the pages I have come across and bookmarked for future use.  Some get used regularly, especially the game ones but others are a great resource to have on hand for printables, idea and hints.

Homeschool Australia - a mix of resources and information put together by Beverley Paine, one of the 'pioneers' of home ed in Australia.  You can also buy resources on this site.

Home Ed Assoc.  - offers support and resources Australia wide.

Home Ed Network - Also offers support and resources Australia wide but most activities etc are Victorian based.

Aussie Educator - lists info links for each state and territory regarding home ed.

Home ed Tasmania - great site with loads of resources on home ed, such as record keeping, forums and more

THEAC- Tas Home Education Advisory Council

Australian Home Educators on Facebook - facebook group for home educators to support each other

50 eye opening unschooling blogs- a great site that has links to heaps of blogs.  I like this because the blogs are written by those already doing home ed so they know what they are talking about.

BBC Schools - great site, loads of resources all free.  Ranging from lesson plans, worksheets to games and books.

Blake Education - has some free downloadable resources for primary and secondary studies

Crickweb - tons of resources for all subjects and all primary levels.

Primary School Aust- has links to resources for absolutely everything you can think of.  Ranging from literacy/numeracy to special needs.

Ed Alive - has games to purchase such as maths invaders. You can download a free trial to check them out.  I have bought games through learning ladder from this brand

Genkienglish  - A  website to help you learn the Japanese language.  Has very cute alphabet songs.

Super Teacher worksheets - offers heaps of free worksheets for all subjects

PoissonRouge/Red Fish - interactive site for children with math and english games

Nature Sounds - really cool site where you can make nature  sound compositions and save them

Teach It UK - various resources for all levels and subjects

Unschool Kidz - assorted games and resources.  No longer updated but has loads of information

Moshi Monsters -  a popular interactive peer to peer game site for younger children

Play based Learning - great Australian site with heaps of play ideas

 BBC Schools - Maths - fantastic site for games, reading, watching heaps to do with numeracy

Cool Math - and oh boy is this cool. It has tons of math games and puzzles. Both my kids (6 & 8) love this site.
Primary School Aust -  lists links to numeracy based resources for infant to grade 6

Home School Math - I think this is American, but offers free worksheets and activities.

Math Zone- UK educational site with interactive math games

Mathletics - online resource for maths.  A fee is charged to join.

Sudoku Park - online sudoku games, you can set the level and increase difficulty as you get better

BBC Schools - English - fantastic site for games, reading, watching heaps to do with literacy

A-Z Phonics - has free tips on teaching phonics but also has purchasable software

K-3 teacher resources - has the dolche sight word worksheets free plus other resources

Primary School Aust - has a huge list of links to literacy resources for infant to Grade 6

English Banana - heaps of free printables and games.  Hangman is a favourite with my kids

Starfall - fabulous site for those just learning.  Has great interactive games for little ones to learn their alphabet

Book Adventure - free reading motivation for children with book clubs, lists and competitions

Spellodrome - similar to mathletics but for literacy.  There is a free trial

English Word Games - variety of literacy based word games

Bookworm Adventures - free online version of the popular word game

BBC Schools - Science- fantastic site for games, reading, watching heaps to do with science

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab - awesome site with free science projects, very entertaining for children

ABC Science - games, information experiments for all ages.

Catchment Detox - this is a fantastic interactive game about desalination and the environment.  You have a farm and have to manage it, sounds easy but it is quite challenging.

Worldology - great site with an interactive world map.  Heaps of puzzles to play

Flat Stanley - this is an awesome project that allows children to make and swap characters with other children around the world.

Scale of the Universe - fabulous site with an interactive game

Out My Window - interactive site that offers an insight into how others live in different countries

Looledo - does offer some free craft and science experiment activities.  Has a newsletter you can subscribe to with different projects

Kidspot - great site with huge list of activities and games for kids.

Kaboose - free printables for art and craft

PBS Parent - great selection of art and craft activities.


Spiral Garden - a wonderful eco shop filled with craft materials, games, imaginative play items and puzzles.  Offers discounts to homeschoolers for purchases over $40 (just write 'homeschool' in discount box at checkout)

Languages made easy - offer 25% discount to homeschoolers

Windmill Educational Toys - offer 10% discount to homeschoolers. 

 Learning Ladder - no advertised discount but a great range of educational products and games

Winterwood Toys - Steiner inspired toys and craft supplies

Please if you have links not listed feel free to leave them in a comment and I will add them to the list, this is a work in progress.  Feel free to share this link with others :)