Media and advertising

My blog is about me.

It includes stories of my children, home education, autism, mental health (bi-polar) and my cats, with the odd photo thrown in for good measure.

Other posts include my adventures in sewing, cooking, gardening and knitting.

I do not offer advertising space on my blog but will support charity or fundraising if it is something I personally believe in.

I have written reviews for dvds in the past and I am more than happy to review books, dvds and cds if I feel they are either suitable for my children or of interest to me.

If you offer Australian made and owned products, green products or small business products I am keen to promote them.  Particularly those owned by WAHM's or Tasmanian based.

Educational products are also welcome for review.  The majority of my readers are parents of young families, many of whom home educate their children.

All reviews are written by me and may include content such as photographs or 'blurbs' by the promoter.  I will always include a disclosure statement with any review.

For further information on media and advertising please contact me on:

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