13 December 2006

dying and knitting, knitting and dying

Another custom. I love dying wool and experimenting. This was dyed after knitting using tie-dye methods and koolaid. I used berry blue, changing cherry and orange and some green food dye.

The Rainbow Snake, this was a custom order for a friend. It is for her little boy for Christmas. It came with the following story too.


Once upon a time there were sheep spread across the planet.

All these sheep were the chosen sheep. They had many talents and were sought after by many people.

The sheep produced wool of glorious colours, if you could imagine a colour they could produce it.

However, despite their talents the sheep were sad. They knew that all too soon people would forget them and move on to other creations.

The Bamboo Needle Goddess saw their sadness and set about creating a memory of the beautiful sheep.

The first thing she did was take some olive and terracotta wool from the New Zealand sheep, they had made beautiful striped longies for babies.

Then she collected some multicoloured purple, aqua blue, red and yellow wool from Australian sheep that had all made funky little soakers for babies.

The next wool to collect was from Tasmanian sheep and it was purple and orange and it had made a bright coloured jumper for a boy named Beren.

Some Aztec striped wool had made a soaker as had a blue sheep.

Next was some lovely merino in greens and blue, this had been especially dyed for a frilly pair of longies for a little girl.

Cream and browns from New Zealand were next and they also made longies.

The Goddess was working hard but new she had nearly finished her task. She had a mint green wool from a hat then some more gorgeous dyed wool from Melbourne that helped keep a baby girl dry.

The left over aqua was used again then some more soaker stripes, terracotta, ocean greens and olive for the head.

To finish off was some bright red from a jumper for little Nienna, forked at the end with a cheeky smile.

The Goddess chose two buttons from Nanna’s button box and sewed them on.

She sat back and looked at her creation. Her beautiful memory of the sheep,

Her RAINBOW SNAKE and she was pleased, very pleased.

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