05 May 2007

recent projects

I have just finished the poncho and hat for Nienna. I gave them to her for her birthday but haven't been able to pin her down for a modelled shot yet LOL
I love the colours and the hat is too cute.

Also finished the cardigan but need to add buttons and maybe an embellishment. I can add it to the embellishing pile with all the other stuff.

Did a quick headband last night for a little one for her birthday parcel. This is her modelling it. Her birthday is the same day as Niennas.

Not knitting but still thougth I would show off. The children went to a 'P' party today so Nienna is a Pink and Purple Phaerie and Beren is a Plane.

I also made these pants for Beren. I cut them off a pair of track pants and used two different chenille bedspreads. I thought they looked quite funky.

Last but not least, Nienna is having a birthday party tomorrow and wanted a fairy cake. First time I have done anything like this so I am quite pleased with the result.

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