16 September 2007


yes, big sigh of relief. I am so tired and in pain but oh so happy that the expo is not only over but a SUCCESS!

Yes, a success! The day was great and I feel so proud of myself and what I achieved. It went very smoothly and the only real worry I had was whether we would get the public there. Doors opened at 10 and by 12.30 we had run out of show bags. I ended up with 150 to give out (after distributing to staller holders and guest speakers). We ended up with over $1000 of lucky door prizes (8 in total) and approximately 170 visitors.

I handed out feedback questionaires to visitors and received about 70 back and only one of those was negative, in that the person didn't want to see party plan/network marketing businesses represented. ALL the stall holders/speakers were full of praise and said they would do it again. I know a few had reservations that it would work and they came up afterwards and commented that they were pleasantly surprised at the number of visitors and the success of the day. I am so chuffed.

All the volunteers were fantastic and again I am overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of my friends to help out,.

Sooo many people asked me to contact them for next year LOL I do hope someone takes it on and makes it an annual event but it won't be this little bunny.

I got home last night very weary but happy and really felt like sitting an having a good cry, strange I know but I think all the built up stress and worry needed to be released. Still feel it inside but too busy with my kids to take the time to sit and reflect. Maybe thru the week.

Did I mention I am happy :)

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