01 September 2007


No there isn't a new nana in pj's. I had a shot of B12 the other day to see if it would reduce my pain levels and I think it may have worked!!!!!!!!! yeehaa, give me that needle folks. I have actually been able to walk without looking like a 90yo man shuffling along and further than 10metres.

Still feeling nauseous and blah from upping the meds but that should go in a few days. Going to Carrum Downs (about an hour away) to pick up a push bike for myself from someone on freecycle. It is near the beach so if it is nice I might head down there for a bit with NIenna. Beren decided to go back to Andrews tonight so won't have him. then I will take Nienna over to A's later so they can give him their fathers day gift. At least I won't have to cook for him as he is fasting again.
Really need to get my shit together study wise. Need to write a list of assignments etc that i have to do and prioritise. Have bits and pieces done of all of them but no idea when due etc Have 4 presentations, 3 written and an information booth to organise. Most are group stuff so not too bad.

Anyway, cold tonight so might go curl up in bed with a book. Reading Michael Palins Diaries atm

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