17 September 2007

logic101 with Nienna

My girl is so funny. We have had a very laid back day today, but did venture out to run some errands this afternoon. we went and browsed thru a local op shop and came home with some books. She insisted on a second copy of 'The Gingerbread Man'. I just suggested to her that she could have one copy here and take the new copy to her dads so she had one at each house. Her response as she watched tv was "how 'bout you take it to dads while I watch this!"

Also, while choosing what to watch is usually a painful process around here, it is worse when the disk has multiple episodes of which I know nothing about. IE a disc of TMNT with 4 episodes. I put it on to be told "not that one, I want the in the house one not the outside one". Perfectly clear right! So I fast forward to each episode to be told no to all of them. Hmmmm, okay. I then hold up 4 fingers and explain that there are 4 episodes, she has said no to each of them so I am unsure what to do now. She promptly grabs my thumb and says "if you listen, I want this one okay!"

Oh, gee thanks for clarifying that!

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