09 September 2007

the weekend

I have had a lovely weekend. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have children sleeping in until after 9am. WOW! couldn't ask for a better birthday present than that could you. I was then presented with gifts from them. I received two gorgeous crystals that they had chosen and will take pics soon to show them off, and I had previously been given the last Harry Potter book. We then had a lazy day at home with a picnic in the backyard and birthday cake. later in the evening I had some girlfriends come over for lots of yummy food, drink and conversation. How spoilt am I?? VERY!

Now, apart from the company etc of the weekend I have two fabulous highlights.

1. Beren - upon hearing that my friend Sam has a worm farm like us, he asked her "Does yours have Lion Worms too?". Ahhh, Beren they are tiger worms love LOL

2. Nienna - trying to get Beren's attention today "BEREN!! Look at my gorgeous face will ya!"

Just priceless.

My friend Sam, drove up from the Gippsland and spent the night here and it was so lovely to spend some time together chatting. I felt so earthed and capable after this weekend. I am so fortunate to have such beautiful friends.

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