27 September 2007

What are we becoming?

I have spent the last two days here working on an assignment with a classmate. It was nice to have some adult company at home and we chatted, laughed and did do quite a bit of work.

While doing the work I was searching for an article on The Age website and saw their top ten list of stories. The most important being No.1 ofcourse. I was absolutely dismayed and quite frankly in shock that Shane Warnes marital dramas came in at No.6, I know you are probably wondering what is wrong with that and I guess nothing until you see that at No.7 was a story about a man who had been stabbed to death in his bed in a boarding house but not found for several days.

It horrifies me on several levels. Not just that the story itself is heartbreaking but that 'we' class a 'days of our lives' story as more important than the life of a fellow human being.
Maybe I am naive but this truly is shocking and I am still feeling utter disbelief.

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