05 November 2007

Faster than a speeding torana

My computer that is. Thanks to the lovely Charlotte from Green Banana I now have an extra 2GB of RAM in my pooter! Woohoo, wired baby! I cannot get over how it is actually functioning remotely like a computer should now. Yes, I know simple things and all that but my life is actually very sad so yes this is exciting for me.

I had the best intentions to actually mow the lawn today but the damn mower wouldn't start. I even went and got a new spark plug. I think in all the rain it got wet and now needs to dry out so hopefully it will go tomorrow. Instead Nienna and I repotted our tomatoes and planted some lettuce and some strange carrot seedlings. The carrots look the same shape as radishes. I think they were called bulb carrots or something.

I also gave the worm farm a bit of a renovation. Added some coconut fibre and moved then into a new level. Despite them being a bit wet they seem to be thriving as there were millions (well I didn't count them) of babies. Lost a few in the move I think but still, plenty there and they seem happy enough.

I have 3 days of nothing now. OH JOY! No classes tomorrow due to public holiday and no more assignments for this year. yay! it really does feel great. I am going to mow the lawns, finish renovating my coffee table, do some sewing, play on my super fast pooter and see if I can't convert my LP's to CD's and maybe catch a movie. OH and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

These are pansies from last year that started flowering again. They are so pretty and remind me of little faces

Our new garden. Lettuce and carrots in the poly box, tomatoes in the front 3 pots with carrots
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