08 January 2008

all about me

This first pic is of me in January 2000. It is one of the rare photos I like of myself and was taken by my flatmate at the time when we were out having a few drinks one night. Fortunately he took it early in the night LOL

This one is taken about 12yrs ago at the restaurant in Centrepoint Tower in Sydney. The quality isn't great as I have taken photos of the pics in their frames at mums.
The reason for putting these up? I see these and feel so sad that I have let myself go and they have prompted me to take a positive action to lose weight this year. I joined the gym this week and as of the 1st I have cut out junk food etc.
The funny thing is when each of these photos were taken I remember still thinking I was obese and ugly and having nil self confidence or self love. Now looking back I think that I didn't look too bad.
In the top photo I was 32 and single and had no kids. I was about size 12-14 and had no major stresses that couldn't be resolved with a night out. Who was to know that in 12mths time I was to have a major major breakdown that would chance my life as I knew it.

In the second photo I am around 28 or so and again living life to the fullest and burning the candle at both ends. I was about size 12-14 here I think too.

Before having Beren I was much the same as the first photo but ballooned during and after pregnancy. Time is up though and I am committing myself to lose a large amount of weight and to get fitter and healthier. Not for anyone else, but for me.

And then there is now. This pic was taken around August last year. Not the best quality as I took it in the mirror in the bathroom LOL I am size 18-20 and refuse to go up anymore!

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Char said...

You can do it!! 2008 is the year of Kelli!

Tracy said...

Kelli i certainly understand where you are coming from. i look at old photos of myself and think the same.

My weight is still not ideal but it's not as bad as it was a few years ago. At my highest i was over 105kg. I used to weight 60kg and think i was fat! I'm now down to 86kg and really proud that I'm not 105 anymore.

our family homeschooled until a year ago. The kids are enjoying school but I miss them being home.

I've put your blog on my reader so i can keep up with the new you this year :)

Bel said...

Kelli, you will achieve this goal when the time is right. I know this because of all the things I've seen you achieve in your life since I've known you. This is worth doing. More worth it than anything because it's about your health.

I can really relate to feeling not good enough at different sizes and shapes during my life. Now I look back at photos and wonder, 'what was I thinking?' because I am also bigger than I've ever been. Heavier than I was at full-term with almost all of my babies...

Take care of you. xx

Kelli said...

thanks all