08 January 2008

Bicheno Nature World

This place has been open for many years but has improved dramatically over the last couple of years. It is very focused on animal rescue and rehabilitation and strives to return injured animals to the wild where possible. It also has a program to save the Tasmanian Devils from extinction due disease. We love visiting and if you are in Bicheno I recommend going at their feeding times and doing the tours.

This is a Quoll

The famous Tassie Devil, isn't he cute
Tiger Snakes sunning themselves and waiting for lunch. they have a huge population of Tigers at the moment as they rescued many from a snake farm in the south that was closing. Snakes are farmed for the venom to make anti-venom
Unfortunately they are not herbivores. These baby chicks are bred then killed 'humanely' and purchased by the park in frozen packs to be defrosted and fed to the snakes. The snakes are fed a couple of chicks once a week. It is truly amazing how quickly they can swallow one and the work involved.
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