02 February 2008

Reflections on January

Thought I should have a think about the month and see what I did/didn't do or could have done better.

Purchases other than everyday items:
1. water pump and filter for aquarium, badly needed and bought new $20 (was given a $6 discount for some reason)
2. School shoes, shorts and 2 shirts, backpack and socks, all new for Beren for school. $50 approx
3. lunchbox - op shop $1.50
4. Fairy pencil case and pencil set for Nienna $3.00 (seeing as B was getting heaps of stuff)

Not too bad but would have liked to have sources 2nd hand but was short on time as B made a spur of the moment decision to start school. They also had nothing in the clothing pool but I will be trying to buy from there in future in he decides to stay.

1. Patched a lovely white shirt I got at an op shop in Tassie that had some little holes in about 5 spots. It is a linen shirt and really nice.
2. Put 2 heart appliques on a dress I made Nienna before Christmas that she wore once and completely ruined with paint. The patches covered the stains and it is good as new again.

Money Saving
1. Took out a loan to consolidate my debts and this should save me a couple of hundred a month. will report back on this one in a few months.
2. Have changed ISP's and should save at least $15 per month.
3.Have started switching off at the powerpoint where I can. I hope to see a difference in electricity price.

1. A tip for those out there in snail mail land. Always check the stamps on incoming mail as it often doesn't get barcoded/stamped and the stamps can be reused. I usually get a couple a week.

2. Save envelopes for writing lists and notes on. Or for the kidlets who like to write millions of letters to no-one in particular, several times a day (ohhh is that just mine :) )


Have bought one small choc bar all month and maybe 2ltrs of coke which is pretty damn good for me. The latter was getting drunk weekly last year.

February Challenge
To set up my grocery database. I want to list my menu plans, grocery lists and prices from various supermarkets to source the cheapest places to buy our foods etc

Finish my dads birthday presents (hand knitted socks) and get several gift cards made for the year.


Eilleen said...

You are sounding really on track Kelli! I agree with you though, buying 2nd hand does take time and it could be really difficult if a purchase is needed right away.

I would love to see the appliqued dress and linen shirt.

I love your frugal tips!

Deb said...

Hi Kelli,
Thanks for reminding me of simple ways to save cash and lighten our footprint on the planet.
Like the bar of chocolate a month idea (but it would have to big a big bar for me ~ being a chocoholic!)It is getting so expensive to buy though and when it is in the cupboard i just eat it!!! Will let you know how i go...