03 February 2008

what is it?

Any takers? Beren took this today and I thought it was pretty cool. His photography is great and he really enjoys it. You can see some more of his stuff here
As with the Flock-art blog I have decided to put future homeschool posts here as well. All the 2007 stuff can still be found on the link above

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Tracy said...

A none slip bath mat?

Theresa said...

Kelli I just LOVE your sons photography - how old is he??!!!

Kelli said...

Not a bathmat Tracy.

Theresa he is five. Did you look on the homeschool site at his other pics? I love that he has a flair for the unusual and really captures colour and shape beautifully

Keely said...

Wow, great photo, when I first saw it pop up on your site I thought it looked like a futuristic art-installation. The more I look at it, that's sunlight peeping through those holes, but I'm just not sure what the actual thing is?

Kelli said...

next time you are at the playground, if it is one of the modern colourful metal creations with towers etc go stand underneath and look up

Theresa said...

WOW - I wouldn't have guessed that in a MILLION years!

You have done and awesome job with him - your creativity has definitely reached this little man!