23 March 2008

testing, testing

Just testing out this program. The blogger of Because I said So mentioned it in a post and so I thought I would take a look see. It is the Windows Live Writer and looks pretty cool so far. you can add pics to where ever you want, you can use it for all your blogs and it is easier to use HTML, maps, videos etc. I can even cross words out easily LOL

And I can put pictures where I want rather than where it wants to go. And you can add effects and text to the pictures. woohoo, fun!


This is the third tooth regeneration for my boy!

So, in case you haven't already worked it out I am bored. Tried scrabble but the lag is so bad atm it is impossible to play. I could be reading a report of Climate Change and writing about it for school but hey.............. it's Sunday ok!

Easter bunny didn't come to me :( and the kids demolished (in about 5min) the token rabbit and eggs he delivered to them. I probably should take them to the park to wear off some of the effects.

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