09 April 2008

One for the climate change cynics out there

Not they would probably read my blog...............

This was taken from Hobart Daily blog. This is a blog among many that put up a photo from that town/city every day. I like to take care of my homesickness by reading this one and the Bicheno Daily , this is where I grew up(done by the same guy). This is taken on the Northern outskirts of Hobart. I think the drought there would rival that in the Mallee Region of Victoria. Livestock is being killed due to lack of feed too. Sooo tragic

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Greg said...

I went up to have a look after a dust storm a few days earlier, an event in itself unheard of as the state was thumped by gale force winds. Now i am a city boy but what i saw around there was shocking with hills like that and fields with barely any stubble, yet alone fodder for the animals to eat and i don't believe there is any sign of the drought breaking any time soon either. The Jordon River in parts didn't look like it had any water in it for months and was dry as a bone.

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