26 May 2008


I met Peter James at the airport as I had to show him around town or around a particular venue. He was a music composer, of techno, dance electronic type music. He was from the UK and quite good looking with strong features. Softly spoken and very peaceful. The second I saw him I knew that he was my destiny and we connected instantly. I felt safe and warm and happy with him and next thing I knew I was planning my move to the UK with my family.

This was the dream I had last night and it has been playing over and over in my head all day. Most of my dreams involve people I know, usually family and often make no sense whatsoever. You know the kind, where you are picking apples in an orchard then find that the orchard is on a boat sailing in the sky because the birds said they needed apples to find a doona for the bed type dream. I rarely dream like the one last night.

Do you remember your dreams? This has really impacted on me, I can remember how it felt to be with him, to talk to him, to just absorb the peacefulness and comfort. So strange and I am not sure what is stronger, the memory of him or the strangeness of such a dream.

What causes our dreams? Why do I normally dream just nonsense? WHy, when pregnant did I have so many bad dreams? Is it really the day we have had just resting in our minds? I don't believe that because so many of my dreams have absolutely nothing to do with my life or what I have been doing. And I know people out there are saying they all have meanings. I have a dream book that I love and often turn to it when I have a dream with themes that really make themselves known and I do find the parallels to my life quite interesting. However, the last couple of years that hasn't been so. Maybe my dreams are so silly because my life is so hectic and I have to be so organised (well try to be) or because I have a four and a five year old and I am so damn tired all the time and could sleep for a month straight given the chance!

Anyway, I think I prefer my mindless dreams to the ones that continue to haunt me thru the day. Even as irresistible and perfect as he was

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