30 May 2008

Mmmmmmmmmmm Soup

I love the cooler weather, yeah I still complain loads but I think it is far easier to get warm than it is to get cool. I also love winter food. Soups, casseroles and baked stuff. YUMMO!

Today, I have had a pot of soup simmering on the stove all day and it is delish. One of my faves so I thought I would share............ the recipe that is LOL


3-4 lamb shanks - I get the butcher to cut them in half so they fit in the pot better and the marrow comes out too
brown in some oil if you have time or just chuck in the pot.

Grate; 1 lg onion, 4 lg spuds, 2 lg carrots, 2 lg parsnips.
3 bay leaves, lots of pepper freshly ground and a good dash of salt.

Put it all in the pot and fill with water. You can add a dash of stock if you wish. Let simmer for an hour then add about 3/4 barley (more if you have a massive pot) and continue to simmer and top up with water occasionally.

When the meat is almost coming off the bones take all the bones out and cut up meat and take fat off. Return meat to pot, top up with water and season as needed. This gets better as the days go on. If you don't grate the veg it just doesn't taste the same I have discovered in the past


Char said...

i'll be right over....

Kelli said...

more than welcome