17 May 2008


Hi all, I have added a poll (just to the right thar) and would love you to vote. I am trying to decide what I should do with my blogging

Hey thanks to all who voted. I have now removed the poll as I had a very clear idea of what was wanted. 31 people voted to keep it all in one so I shall do that. Oh and thanks for reading me


Tanja said...

I have two separate blogs - one for family stuff, the other for the Challenge and all my crafty stuff. The reason for that is that I haven't told my family about my Challenge blog. I wanted to be free to really be 'me' in my Challenge/craft blog. I voted that you should keep it all together, but it depends on your reasons. If it's working for you, keep it together.

Toria said...

I voted to keep it all together. Two reasons - if people with varied interests combine everything on one blog, I get to find out about things I might not have if I say only read their craft blog. And secondly, if you split everything up, you may not have anything to say on some of the blogs for weeks or months at a time, keep it all together & you will probably post more regularly at that one blog.