22 May 2008

Sustainable Foods Forum

Yesterday I went to a sustainable foods forum hosted by the Yarra Valley Shire Council. I am so glad I went because it was fantastic. There were 11 speakers and over 100 people turned up.
The speakers were:
Graham Brew from Tecoma Community Garden
Jo Stanford from Yarra Ranges Health and Healesville Community Garden
Carol Emanuel from RCHS Community Kitchens
Carol Ann - Westburn Primary School - Stephanie Alexander school garden project
Amy and Luc - CSA (community supported agriculture) Moora Moora
Graham George - Local food supply, Healesville permaculture group and organic farmers market
Michelle Jones & Kerry Dawborn - Community Harvest Project
Nick White - Yarra Ranges Shire
Simon - yarra ranges Shire enviro department

I feel so enthused and passionate about working in some area of this and incorporating it into community development and health promotion practice.

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Kez said...

Sounds like an inspirational day!!