05 June 2008

Almost half way through the year

Gosh, doesn't time fly! Where has the year gone I wonder?

May was a bit of a non event in terms of the challenge. Came out at the end with no extra money. Infact, I am really really feeling the pinch of the increase of $50 per fortnight in rent. This has hit hard and is very challenging. The cost of petrol is also a big problem and although I agree we need to use this resource less and we will have to make do without it eventually, I do still need to use the car at times.

However, this has set the topic for June. I have decided to walk to pick Beren up from school at least once a week. Doesn't sound much but given the fact I have FMS and a walk to the school can render me useless for days it is a big move for me. I walked on Tuesday and am still a bit sore today but will make an effort to walk tomorrow. I am concerned it will be too far for Nienna though and I definitely can't carry her.

I have also had to rethink childcare options. Driving B to school in one direction and N to FDC in another is excessive so I have now booked her into the creche/kinder affiliated with the school and next door. This will cut down on travelling. Hard decision as the centre is privately owned and I have always been against private centres but I do have to look at what I can afford. Unfortunately I don't have many options and if I am to complete my studies she needs to go to care 2 days a week.

So, This past week I used 1/8th of a tank of petrol. Not bad, mind you that 1/8 of a tank cost me $25.
I kind of have been ignoring all this peak oil stuff until recently. It is a bit scary and I am seriously thinking about options for the future. Do I settle here with the kids or do I look at a smaller community. Lots to think about.

This is from First Dog On the Moon Galley


Eilleen said...

All the best with this challenge Kelli. I hear you on the price of petrol.

Kebeni said...

thanks Eilleen

Char said...

we should figure something out re: nienna etc. Next semester I am off Mon and Wed - if thats any good for you, we should arrange a regular playdate, and I can take her for a few hours.