22 June 2008

Winter Solstice

Do you celebrate the seasons?
This year we decided to celebrate at home with friends. After the disorganised crush at Collingwood last year I was hesitant to do that again.
We had 8 children and 5 adults and fortunately the rain stayed away so the children could play outside and we were able to do a lantern parade around the block. We even saw another group of like minded folk celebrating with a bonfire and fire twirling.
For those in the Northern Hemisphere this must seem strange to be celebrating Yule in June when you are celebrating Summer Solstice.
And for those who have no idea what this is all about my friend over on Hip Bubby Mama Blog has a great explanation, and hey saves me typing.

Lantern making in progress

Soup on the stove, yummy organic pumpkin soup with the pumpkins kindly donated from Shannon's garden
and a pot of lentil and tomato soup. Perfect for a cold winters night

Lanterns ready to go. These worked quite well and the kids loved them. We followed the instructions from E-How on what to do.

Signs of summer

The sun

Welcome to all.

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Char said...

we had a wonderful time, thank you! :)