11 July 2008

Alrighty, time to fess up folks!

I can see you out there. I know you are there cos I've seen the flags on the feedjit map. So who are you all?

Why not leave a comment saying where you're from and stuff! Go on, you know you want to. Show me your blog if you have one. Love to meet you all!

I don't bite, REALLY I DON'T

Oh and for the record, the jackhammer quit at 7pm!

Oh, and a hearty hello to Char's Grandfather :)


Eilleen said...

hehe well you know who I am. :D glad the jackhammer finally quit,but geeez! hope you are having a nice quiet weekend.

Char said...

I'm here, but you knew that anyway :P

Kez said...

Not sure if I've commented before or not - I'm over in NSW (Hunter Valley area).

Christine said...

Hello, I read your blog quite a bit, but never have enough time to respond.
I'm chrissie on the Sunshine Coast in qld. I feel sorry for you about the jackhammer guy, some people have no consideration these days. I would have at least finished at 4pm, that's the time most young families start their bath, dinner bedtime routine. I know I do.

You can never win. Keep up the good writing, your so inspirational!

Chrissie & Co.

Kebeni said...

thankyou Eilleen and Char for getting the ball rolling.
Kez, long time no see.
Christine, welcome and thankyou for the compliment.
Would you believe the jackhammer man has now laid a shit load of new concret! Go figure!

Now, all the rest of you, DON'T BE SHY!