25 July 2008

Baking day

Nienna and I just made 2 dozen of these. I use this recipe as a base for all my sweet muffins and the good thing is they can be vegan if you wish.
We have also made a date loaf and 2dozen mini quiches. I will post pics later. Most of this will go in the freezer for school lunches and snacks.

185ml milk (i use soy)
2tbs honey or any other sweetener like maple syrup, golden syrup
1.5tb veg oil
2 lg mashed bananas

Mix all this together then add 1.5c SR wholemeal flour. I often throw in chopped dried apricots, coconut, berries or whatever takes my fancy.

Stir VERY sparingly and then put into muffin tins (I use big ones as they seem to work better than tiny ones). Cook for about 20min at 200C.

These have never failed for me and are great as they are sugar free and can be added to.


MissyMoo84 said...

What a great foolproof recipe! I will be trying this one this week. Thanks for sharing :)

HPD said...

Sugar free... Next thing you'll tell me is that you support the Aussies in cricket... :) It sounds great though. But as an African I have one question to ask - when do I add the meat?

Angry African