19 July 2008

Birthdays and stuff

My boy child turned 6 yesterday. Where does the time go? Gosh, so many changes over time and so many dramas that are the end of the world but soon to be replaced by new ones........and that is just me LOL

Anyway, a party was requested and the invites sent out. Thus, today we were bombarded with 6 testosterone vessels! Oh, I mean lovely little classmates of his of the boy nature. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully it was only 2 hrs I don't think B or myself could have coped with any longer. Here are some pics of the preparations and the day..........

Not sure what you call them but they are the take home bags. They had a superman straw, little car, chocolate, lolly and a little costumed person in them. I made the bags from calico and put the transfers on.

Making the pinata, it had left overs from the take home bags inside and was made entirely from recycled materials.

Naturally the boys loved it as it involved hit with sticks

The Cake! Batman emblem made from chocolate cake and with a choc fudge gooey icing. Well not really icing as it is made from cooking chocolate and cream, very yummy and there is quite a bit left over........dear me...........

I knitted this hat and vest for the boy. He complained that I never knit him anything but then he won't wear wool as he says it itches him. The vest is a hit and so is the hat.

Practicing modeling skills LOL

And on a final note. Obviously six years old are wiser than the wisest............
Nienna sat asking Beren endless questions about a tv show they were watching, The last question was the final straw for Beren who had patiently answered her questions. He turned to her and in a frustrated tone said


Kez said...

lol, mine turns 6 next month.. It's a 'fun' age, isn't it?! :)

I love the calico take-home bags - I might steal that idea!

Love the cake & pinata.

Char said...

haha, that's a great berenism.

the party was great - you did a fab job. wm loves his bag, and wants to put EVERYTHING in it now.

MissyMoo84 said...

LOL that last line is a classic...kids are so funny!
That party looks awesome! You sure are a handy dandy mummy!!
They grow so fast... sniff sniff...