17 July 2008


My Nanna was a dressmaker/tailor. This was unusual as most women were just dressmakers. She was very good and I remember every summer she would come and stay with us and she would make my school uniforms and other items of clothing for me.

Another wonderful memory is sitting on her bedroom floor going through her button box. This would provide hours of entertainment for me as a small child. My Nanna died about 20 years ago, she was born in 1902 so she had a pretty good go of it. I inherited all her sewing bits and pieces. This included her sewing box that still had old wooden cotton reels and cards with buttons and clips for corsets LOL

Lastly, was her button box. Today, as I am dying of flu I am taking it easy so decided to sort my buttons. Here are some of my faves. I should imagine that some of the buttons are pretty old, some have started to perish and discolour quite badly. Sifting through them all I found ones that had been cut from garments and it made me wonder what stories those buttons hold. There would be some pretty interesting ones I reckon.

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Char said...

Oh WOW, what a treasure trove! :)