07 August 2008

Sovereign Hill

My folks have been staying with us and we all decided to take a trip to Sovereign Hill. We drove up on Sunday morning and returned Monday evening. I have been there as a toddler but not since and I loved it. I really like history anyway so it was a no brainer that I would like it there. The kids really loved it too!
We were very lucky with the weather as it had been pouring on the Monday morning but stopped and held off the whole time were were there. I would really love to go back without kids sometime. Only one complaint about it and that is 'NO YARN STORE!!!'

Looking up the main street

Children on their way to school. for those that don't know, school groups can go to the centre and experience school the way it was during the gold rush. Speaking to a few of the kids it is clear that they love this and really take on the role of a student in the 1800's
Dad, Beren and Nienna panning for gold!
Beren on the carriage trip. This was their fave thing. Must admit Brown's confectionery is on the top of my list LOL
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Bel said...

Oh, I have always wanted to go there.... Great pics!