10 August 2008

There's snow in them thair hills!

We woke to a super cold day today and I heard on the radio that there was low lying snow so we rugged up and hit the hills. it is the first time the kids have been in snow and they had an absolute blast! Wet, cold and muddy and they loved it. It was so great to watch their faces.

We then headed back into Sassafrass to get a hot chocolate for me and believe it or not but the kids insisted on gelato! Pair of freaks LOL

This is my fave house in the hills, it is on the bend before Sassafrass and is just gorgeous. I love the irony of seeing the snow in the ferns.

Because we didn't go up until after 2.30 alot of snow had melted, this is where we had a play, almost at the top of Mt Dandenong at the transmitter station just past Olinda. There was a photographer from the Herald newspaper who wanted to take Nienna's photo along with some other little girl but both girls became shy and the woman was too impatient and left LOL
Because I was taking snaps on the video camera this didn't come out as great as it looked. The sun was shine on the side of the cloud and causing this gorgeous silver streaking in the sky, just beautiful.

Yes, Beren is wearing a different hat, we ended up swapping as his coloured one is a bit too big for him so he is wearing the hat that killed me

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Bel said...

Wow! So jealous!