26 September 2008

dollhouse reno

Carpet and flooring is in. I went into a flooring shop and the guy in there gave me some offcuts. The lino is look alike cork flooring. I am hoping the carpet will stick okay, I have been using wood glue for everything as it dries clear.

This is the living room. I have left 2 walls timber and done a feature wall in the stripes. The paper for the walls is discounted scrapbook paper.
This is the kitchen. Again one wall papered, 1 painted as it was too marked and the other left as is.

'Parents room', this is painted as it was marked badly with water marks. To break the monotony I papered one wall. All the paint was sample pots I had in the cupboard from various other projects from times past. The blue bit of wall on the left is bathroom.

The bathroom still needs some work. I am going to tile the walls from about halfway down and I thought I might see what I can come up with as a leadlight type window.

Lastly is the children's room. Again the walls were a bit marked. I tried to do a ragging effect on the back wall and it looks ok. The photo makes it look really crappy but it isn't as bad as it looks.

For all the rooms I want to do some pictures in frames and perhaps some woven wall hangings or similar. Once all has dried I will put in the furniture and have another think. TBC......

The dollhouse has now been safely hidden (i hope) and all I need do is soft furnishings such as cushions and bedding etc. I am unsure whether to do curtains or not so any yay or nays feel free to comment. I also bought some air dry modelling clay to make some bits and pieces. I do want to tile the bathroom still and put some pics on the walls and little books in the shelves.


HPD said...

Nice one. It has given me a few ideas for the dolls house of the little one. The older one has a "done" one. The little one's is still mostly just unpainted wood...

Angry African

Katanya said...

fabulous work K, I love how you've used single panel wallpaper (or should I say craft paper) for the rooms..it has come up wonderfully..can't to see the receipiant playing with it.

Katidids said...

This is great work! Lot of love in that house! Be sure and show photos of her reaction!