23 September 2008

storage solutions

I think everyone I know is spring cleaning at the moment, and just to keep myself hangin' with the cool kids I am doing the same (while my cool kids are away!)
Gave them bedroom a big cull and tidy. These drawers were off hard rubbish and I have some caster wheels to put on them eventually but for now they are doing their job.
Drawer 1: magnets, magnetix, science experiment kits
Drawer 2: shape puzzles
Drawer 3: felt boards and felts
Drawer 4: musical instruments
This leaves the shelves for other bits and pieces from the art corner and now the art corner is free to be just, well, arty farty.

I won this on ebay months ago and then was gifted some of the furniture and sourced the other on ebay. While the kidlets are away I am planning on flooring and painting and making the soft furnishings. Then it all gets hidden away again until Christmas. Cute huh! Cats love it and Metta has discovered that she can fit nicely in the lounge area.

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