06 October 2008

Busy coupla days 'ay wot!

Wow, flat chat like a lizard drinking!

On Wed I had a stakeholder meeting for the Community Centre I am on management committee for and that meant loads of preparation (pre meetings and finances) and stress.

Thursday I went to Lisa's with Char, Shannon and Anna (Char and I were kid free woohoo) and we did lunch and well, knitting. not to mention chatting, sharing secrets and laughing alot.

Friday I baked all day and did the gas company proud!
2doz mini quiche, 10 lg muffin size spinach and feta pies, 5 cakes, one tray of muesli bars, 18 muffins. Most for the freezer and will use for school snacks etc

On Saturday was the trip of a life time! Myself and my knitting, Stitch 'n' Bitch group took to the road on a buying, eating and generally whooping it up trip to Bendigo. Or should I say specifically to Bendigo Woollen Mills

They had their usual back room discounted yarns but it was also end of season sales so we all picked up some bargains. Their wool is lovely, good quality and because they sell from the factory it is cheap! Between the eight of us we spent a little over $1200 but got shitloads of knittin' for it LOL
I would have to say that it was one of the best days I have had in I don't know how long. Awesome infact! We had lunch in a little Italian restaurant then wandered down the street for a look in the chocolate shop (dismal failure) and then onto the winery cafe for coffee and cake. OHHHHHHHHH the indulgence and such decadence. I am sure they wondered what weird folk had wandered in when we all sat there cackling, imbibing and knitting LMAO

We left here at 9.30am and got home around 7.30pm and we were all totally exhausted but grinning like idiots. On a serious note though, if you had taken away the yarn, food, cake and coffee and just left me with those seven women I would have still come home the happiest I have been in a long time, exhausted from laughing and chatting and feeling totally loved, accepted and included. It has taken me a long time to find buddies that I can trust and feel this way with, well I have lived in Melbourne nearly eight years and this past year is the first time I have had a circle of friends like this in real life. I am truly blessed and honoured to have found them. The strange thing is that we all met for the first time not quite six months ago, well apart from Char. We have known each other almost seven years now and despite wanting to be there for each other this year is the first time we have both been able to give of ourselves due to our own dramas going on. A few weeks ago I felt a bit sad and guilty because I hadn't been there for her fully when I said I would be and stuff but now I kinda think it was better to get my own shit out of the way first and for her to deal with hers so we could have the energy to put into a friendship and I feel we have made up for lost time. Gosh, I have the waffles again don't I.
In the words of that ever so eloquent boxer "I luffs ya all"

Anyway, I have had the agonising task of trying to decide what to do next year and where to do it. I felt drawn to Tassie and thought perhaps I should move back there. It would be cheaper rent, living and close to my family. I had applied to the Uni down there and basically been told that once my paperwork was in I would be accepted without any problems. Easy decision you would think, but no. I also kept thinking about the circle/village I have created around us lately and you know going away on Saturday really made up my mind for me that I just can't walk away from that. I am struggling financially here as rent and costs keep increasing but I will just have to get a job and study part time if that is required. I will have a Diploma of Community Development and Sustainability at the end of the year so should be fine with that and have just tonight sent off my application to do a Batchelor of Social Science next year.
I will now trust in the universe and I am sure she will kick someones butt and remind them they can't work without me LOL

Anyway, shall finish the post with some photos of our week.

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belinda said...

I am so glad you seem to have found your place.

Having a good network of friends is so important. A reason to spend time just being you and feeling loved and accepted.. its certainly something I would fight pretty hard for.

Kind Regards