11 October 2008

the previous title attracts spam! so I won't say the auction site

This is a pre-curser to a post I will write in 2 weeks time where I will whinge and complain about selling stuff on ebay and having to post it etc etc LOL

I have just listed a few items for now but also have a stack of homeschool books to list and a large television cabinet. (message me if you are interested in saving me the time of listing and wanna by my stuff)

The first two items, lego and baby rattle are being auctioned for Glen Park Community Centre and I will give the proceeds to them.

I am on Committee of Management as Secretary of Glen Park Community Centre

Due to being told at the end of last year that we would have funding for our community cafe then over the first few months being told "soon, soon" we have found ourselves in financial distress. Not only this but also having unforseen expenses with the relocation of a donated church hall and high interest loan from the council to do so.

Unless an alternative funding source is found, the community cafe will be lost for ever. Due to less funding from the work for the dole scheme as well as participants that were working in the café a strain has been put on the centre and it is now at breaking point.

Glen Park Community Centre has desperately tried to keep the cafe going but can no longer absorb the costs. Whilst Glen Park has covered the loss of people power with fantastic volunteers, the centre still needs to fund a supervisor position.

Glen Park Manager Robyn Murray said “The community cafe has been a gathering place for the local community, residents, students attending classes and workers. Visitors to the cafe come from Maroondah, Knox, Yarra Ranges, Whitehorse, Monash and Greater Dandenong. People come to the cafe because it has low cost meals, is welcoming, relaxing and inclusive. Where will they go now?”

“Funding through mutual obligation decreased last year due to a decline in unemployment levels. This has left the cafe with an unfunded but valuable service.”

Last day of trading will be on Friday 17th October Glen Park Community Centre, 30 Glen Park Road, Bayswater North and we urge as many people that have used the café to come on that day to show the support that the community has for this service. It will also be a great time to share stories, mix with friends that you have met through the café as well as say goodbye to a service that has benefited our community in so many ways.

Glen Park’s Community Development worker Peter Harris said, “This is a great shame as the benefits have been far and wide. We have not only trained many people that have gone into the workforce, this place has also been a safe haven for many of it’s users. It is extremely hard to count the dollars saved until something like this closes down and people start presenting in the health system because they no longer have a place where they belong.”

The Café has been a great tool for engaging people as they do not have to sign up to an expensive course, they can just come to the centre and relax, have a chat and make new friendships. Once they become comfortable and their confidence grows they then move onto other opportunities like courses, volunteering, gaining leadership skills by joining the committee or re-entering the workforce. Without this avenue who knows they may not even leave the safety of their own four walls. These are the stories we hear every day.

I am wanting to do what I can to raise some much needed $$$ and thought that what I would do is open a store on Ozebaby to auction off the last of my flock art stock and I also wondered if any other creative, wahm or similar would like to donate towards this cause that is close to my heart. If you think you could help out then please PM asap and let me know.

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