19 November 2008

Little Things

Although I previously thought these were a RAOK gift., I have found out from the lovely sender (Joeyn) that they are for a stitch swap on Woolaholics. These cute stitchmarkers and a storage tin for them. I really am very lucky.

I found these at the ops shop today. Not sure how old or anything but I thought they were lovely. They are old style prints on wooden backing and I am assuming were little pictures for the wall. The smaller one could easily be put on some leather and worn as a pendant though.

Oh, sorry about the pics, flat batteries on the vid camera and I can't go and splurge on a new camera as the I spent my saving on my damn cat
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1 comment:

Eilleen said...

Those pictures are gorgeous kelli, what a great find!

And how wonderful to receive such a beautiful and useful RAOK gift.