07 November 2008

Missing Without Action

Not spending much time sitting here of late. Actually not doing much at all. Have had a shitty, fucked up flair up of FMS
Now, don't get me wrong, I am never pain free and 'not' tired but this is unfuckingbelievable. Oh and did I mention i am feeling somewhat sorry for myself and pissed off with it all.

I have been bed ridden for the days I don't have kids here and the rest of the time I do school drop off/pick up, see doctor and then resume my little (read *big*) bum dent in the couch. And what is even worse is that for days I didn't even have the strength, clearness of thought or energy to KNIT! I know, WTF?

Pain is still at about a 7/10 (usual is 3-4), brain fog is still pretty bad and find holding a conversation taxing at the very least. I am sure people think I do drugs or drink or something. As for the fatigue. Today I took Nienna to the library, came home made us sandwiches and then dozed on the couch for 3hrs while she shrouded me in catalogue paper and dolls (damn lucky she doesn't know wher eth permanent markers are). Anyway, gonna see my regular doc next week to do some bloods to rule anything else out. Just keeping resting and hoping it will back off sooner than later.

I really think after the super busy year I hav ehad my body is saying "NO MORE!" and I need to listen. I am handing over all responsibilities for Glen Park as I am finding that all very stressful and demanding and I am just going to concentrate on me and the kids and be a mum for a while.

Lastly, GO OBAMA!! But oh boy am I glad that is all over. I have never seen such full on coverage of an international election on our media before.


Belinda said...

I have to admit that sounds so defeating.

I hope that things either calm down to normal or the blood work shows up something to investigate.

I think we are pretty close to each other.. if a premade dinner would make your life better please just holler and it will happen. Probably wouldn't be straight away because I wouldn't dare before I get rid of this lousy virus.. last thing you need would a house full of grumps with drippy noses.

Kind Regards

Kat said...

oh I hope you feel better soon! that sounds dreadful. I think taking it easy for awhile sounds like a plan, sending you some healing vibes..

Anonymous said...

I know you are feeling crappy, but PLEASE let me know if I can do *anything* - you know I am just around the corner.

C xxx

Kelli said...

thanks girls. pain has eased but still feeling exhausted.

Belinda, we really must catch up sometime I would love to meet you.

K thanks lovey

Char, I am lucky to have you round the corner and will definitely take you up on your choc peanut offer soon!

Kat said...

Sorry to hear about your flare-up. Take it easy and sending you lots of get well vibes. Hugs, Kat xx

HPD said...

In my thoughts. I hope you feel better soon. In body and spirit.
Angry African.

belinda said...

Hi Kebeni,

I would love to catch up.. just contact me when you are feeling a little more up to visitors.

Kind Regards

Shona said...

Hugs Kel! I thought you had been quiet! I hope you are feeling back to your usual self soon.