15 November 2008

some random pics

The Melbourne SnB groups off Ravelry are having a Big Knit In at the Botanical Gardens. We thought it might be a nice idea if those who felt inclined made a toy to donate to a Christmas Charity. This is mine. No pattern just made him up as I went. His name is Nigel

After SnB today I called into the op shop near where we meet. Picked up these gems and 2 quilting books for $5.00 I am so excited to have the ABC one "Yippee!" (* with small jump*)

This is what happens when kitty eats cotton, he becomes pyjama bag!
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Susan said...

I'm ever so envious of all of you who knit such cool things! I knit pieces... yes pieces and I sometimes call them dishclothes. I enjoy knitting but cant seem to knit a pattern!

Great finds at the oppy too!

Poor kitty, she's one very expensive pj bag!

Meagan said...

Nice war wound puddy cat.

Nice haul at the Op shop! We saw B1 & B2 entered in the knitting at the show today, Miles was v excited, I may have to borrow the pattern..