26 December 2008

Christmas collage

We had a lovely Christmas, if not somewhat unconventional. The kids and I spent the first half of the day together, we shared a pancake/berry goodness brunch and opened out gifts, made the usual phonecalls and generally had a lovely 1/2 day. Their 'father' came to get them at 1 and then I chooffed off to the lovely Charlotte's house to spend the rest of the day with her and her brood. There I was treated to a divine lunch of turkey and ham with all the trimmings, finished off with plum pudd and homemade baileys icecream. I met her Nicki, Simon and gran from HK and UK, aka mum, stepdad and gran and watched the kids roll naked in lego and little ponies. Well not really, but I reckon if we said they could they would have! Heard tales of naughty and nice stockings and on that note decided it was time for me to go before I started hearing any more LMAO

All in all a glorious day spent with family and friends.

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HPD said...


I hope you had a GREAT Christmas and I hope you have an incredible 2009.

Angry African