24 December 2008

Complete and utter chaos!

Bloody hell! Who's idea was it to have a garage sale, start packing and cleaning and have Christmas all at once???? Shoot the idiot for gods sake! Oh,,,,,,,, it was mine. um well, just commit me then.

We are moving to Tasmania, or do I say back to Tasmania on the 24th January. In my wisdom I decided to hold a garage sale last weekend as I figure a lot of people go away after Christmas. This would have been fine except that both my kids had gastro that week and then I succumbed to it on the Thursday. Needless to say, lots of buscopan taken and I managed to get organised on Friday and have a successful sale on Saturday. The collection man for Diabetes Australia came and collected most of what was left this morning and some has been put out the front for anyone to take if they desire.

I have to get rid of a lot of the bigger furniture as it is far too expensive to take with us. Did I mention that removalists are capitalist pigs! Farout! talk about being in the wrong business, I think I will open up a removalist business, at the rates they charge I will have my own empire within a year LOL I have been quoted from $2200 upto $3700. It is unbelievable, needless to say I have been ruthless in my sorting and really culled a lot of stuff. I have managed to reduce our books to 14 boxes from 22 in a previous move. Destashed yarn, fabric , toys, clothing. Actually it feels quite good to be offloading. Still have a few things to go and hopefully ebay or freecycle will take care of that in the next few weeks.

I am all set for Uni next year. Accepted, enrolled and freaked. I get credit for 1 unit each semester next year so I will be doing 3 units; sociology, psychology and politics. Sheesh! A bit nervous. AND BOOKS!!! OMFG! For semester one they come to $441.00. Needless to say I will be trying to source second hand or using the library alot.

Househunting has kind of begun. I have been scouring realestate dot com and checking what is available, prices are so much cheaper over there. We will settle in Launceston and I can get a nice house for well under $200 per week as opposed to the $235 (and rising) I am paying now. I am looking forward to saving some money.

Yesterday I finally managed to get the kids stockings made. I had hoped to do nice knitted ones but time didn't allow so I did some semi-patchwork ones for this year. Nienna chose the fabric and I just used some remnant red felt for the back. I think they turned out ok.

Anyway, I have windows that need cleaning today so must go and make a start.

A merry christmas to you all and catch you on the downside :)

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Kat said...

Happy FEstivus to you Kelli!
Hope you and teh kdis ahve a great time and that the move goes well. I love Launceston! It's such a lovely place. love Kat xxx