15 January 2009

A move is imminent

This time next week all this will be gone! Yup, one week until the removalists come. Gosh that has gone super fast. Thank god I have been doing a little packing everyday cos I would be in deep shit now if I hadn't made a start! The spare room is cleaned and filling up with packed stuff as you can see in the first 2 pics. Kids room is cleaned, empty and closed! My room (3rd pic) is almost done and tomorrow i hope to get it emptied and cleaned and I will camp in the lounge. That is after I move and pack most of the lounge stuff you can see in the last pic. All behind the bookcase is boxes of, well, mostly books. Nine sleeps until we go and I am getting really excited at the prospect of a fresh start.
Today I changed my uni enrollments from social science to arts so I could choose the following subjects: Psychology, sociology, The Geography of Global Change and Space place and nature. The latter two are talking about the environment, food security and peoples actions which lead towards Social Ecology which interests me greatly.

I am currently reading a book called The Birth House, by Ami McKay. Awesome book and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This is a short quote in the book that really stood out to me so I thought I would share it:

"I ask myself, is it just a wild flight of imagination to conceive of a world without war.........but someone must try....." Julia Grace Wales

Thinking lately about friends and how they come and go in our lives. I truly believe that we meet people as we are meant to. Some people come into our lives and stay for a lifetime and others pass through but I think they all come for a reason. Whether it be to learn from us or to teach us, cheer us, love us, challenge us or simply provide for us. I have been hurt and hated as a result but you know, I can't honestly say I wish that person hadn't come into my life as I have generally gained from the experience in a positive way too. I was once in an abusive relationship (physically and emotionally) but I sure as hell learnt alot from that and I know it would never happen again and I gained strength I never knew I had. Likewise, if I could erase my marriage from history I wouldn't because if I hadn't met and stayed with him I wouldn't have my two kids. Now I never thought parenting was for me but I wouldn't swap them for the world! Their father obviously came (literally LOL) into my life to provide my children.
As I contemplate leaving Melbourne I have been reflecting on the people I have met and what I have learnt from them and am grateful for all the beautiful people I have met, loved and been loved by. I wonder what legacies I will leave and I hope that in turn I have provided something positive in their lives. I certainly hope the dear friends I have made are for a long journey and instead of the usual cursing of my bloody computer is put aside to say thanks to modern technology for enabling us to continue our relationships online.
Oh boy, I am feeling a bit philosphical today I think. Will end with a song I am listening to at the moment

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Bel said...

Beautiful Kel. Take care and enjoy the ride. xx