13 January 2009

a poem

I wrote this the other night well at 2am . I saw an old man at the servo last week and watch him chewing his gums and just staring off into the distance and it prompted this , WDYT?

Old men chew gums
and gaze
into their memories
like newsreel picture shows.

Memories of brill cream
and coffee stained ankles

Flirtation flicks of the skirt

And goodbyes that tear the heart in two.

Young men, heroes before their time.
Brothers, sons

Friends and lovers

Aged like cheap wine in flasks
Too fast, too early.

Memories bitter to taste, yet sweet enough to try.

Flirtatious ankles, wedding bells, young laughter.

A lifetime flashes by like scented gum leaves on a Sunday drive.

Mother pours while father kicks the tyres

Inhaling the warm air and chewing his gums.

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