03 January 2009

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Well, after much putting off I went and had a thorough eye exam today. I haven't worn glasses for over a year I guess as the ones I had were stuffed. by the end of the day I am usually struggling to focus and at the best of times I have trouble focussing on small things and things like street signs until I am right up at them. It would seem that my right eye is the culprit and is in need of some severe fine tuning. The left is pretty much okay, just needs a mild tweak. So come next Wednesday I am going to be seeing again YAY!!

I also bought a new phone today as the one I had died and the one I borrowed from Char wouldn't send text and also had a battery on the way out. I took advantage of some cheapies and got a new one for $59 that also stores music so is a double bonus! Nothing flash although it is a 3g and apparently I can watch foxtel and the net on it, but far out who wants to do that on a phone FFS! I pretty much send text and that is it, with the very occasional call. I spend $15 every two months for a prepaid and really only have it because I have kids. Have done some more packing and the spare room is all done and my bedroom will be tomorrow once the ebay person comes to collect the bed. Only 20 days til we leave. It is drawing near! WOOHOO!!!

Missing the kids heaps atm, this is the first time i have been apart from them for more than 2 days and it is tough. They come home on Monday for 3 days and I can't wait. I figure it is only fair they get to spend a substantial amount of time with their dad before we go.

I have applied for a house in Tassie and am now waiting to hear back. Fingers cross I get it as I hate house hunting.


Tanja said...

I can't believe you're nicking off to Tassie, but I totally understand the need. We hope to move this coming week and we're not packed at all. LOL! Been dragging my feet.
Best wishes for the move.
Isn't it good that we can still know how you're going because hopefully you'll still be abe to blog.

belinda said...

Good Luck,

I hope your move brings you the support and happiness that you deserve.

Kind Regards

Bel said...

Did you hear back about the house? Lovely to read that you've been taking time to enjoy these last days in Melbourne. x