20 February 2009

Art Exhibition

I am entering an Art competition. Bit nervy but going to jump out of my comfort zone and give it a go. A friend here is an artist and she told me about it and prompted me to enter.
It is the Material Girl competition by Tas Regional Arts. The theme is Global Woman and this is the start of my work so far.

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kbelle said...

Hi Kebeni,
i am have also just moved to launceston with my partner and 3 beautiful kids, i am a yoga and feminine treasures teacher,mum and devoted retro fan,(this is how i got onto your blog) i would like to sell retro fabrics and yes launceston and tassie in general is a treasure trove, just in the infancy stages yet with my idea but keen to get it up and running as well as teaching which is my passion, i am hoping to find some likeminded people to hang out with as my partner is here for 4 years at uni. Knitting is not my forte' but fairly handy at crochet particularly beanies!! My children are 2 boys 7 & 8 and a daughter who is nearly 2. You mention sustainablility in your previous blogs, would be keen to know how you go about this as a mum and living in the burbs?! Have a great day Kbelle