26 March 2009

Worlds biggest playgroup

This week is National Playgroup Week. As a result I am feeling rather sleep deprived! Up at 5.30am yesterday to travel to Hobart to help out at the event we were hosting. We had a great day and the kids had a ball. I got lots of squidgy baby cuddles while mums filled out application forms and even got to do some knitting during the 2.5hr drive there and back. Oh, I wasn't driving either LOL

The face painter is my boss, the CEO of Playgroup Tas LOL How is that for hands on. It is fun to see how the girls out on the field work but it does mean I lose a day of my work and well, the CEO and I are rather expensive playgroup consultants so when we get new staff for Hobart it will be much better.

I am however still loving the job, I still have moments where I can't believe I am doing it. I have been filled with self doubt at my abilities for so long that it is difficult to come out of that mindset and be proud of myself. Which I am kind of, because I have achieved alot in the past few years and come an awful long way from the suicidal, anxious ridden mess I was almost 5 years ago.

Yesterday we also met with the team from The Smith Family in Hobart. An awesome organisation who we hope to form some more project partnerships with. It is so inspirational to talk to people who do so much out there for others not as fortunate as us. I count my blessings everyday.

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Bel said...

Your new look on this blog is gorgeous. And your new job sounds amazing. Much love to you and yours. xx