03 May 2009

My girl is FIVE!!!

Can you believe it! Where does the time go. She is so very precious and beautiful to me. Mind you as I sit here I am hoping she has finally gone to sleep because she is also VERY VERY tired LOL
A great day was had and the advantage of working for Playgroup Tas is that I could use one of our playgroup venues heehee for the party.
The cake is a castle, YES IT IS!!!

Getting jiggy with it! A game of freeze!
Prince Charming waltzing with Princess Nienna
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missfee said...

Great Cake!!!!!
love the castle

happy birthay from Big Ted and the gang

I too had the 5yr old birtday party today it is hard work but heaps of fun!!!!

KatinSpace said...

Hey Kel, Looks like a fabulous party and 5 already! I can't believe it! Miss you heaps xoxo Kat