27 June 2009

But it's my weekend!

Well it is meant to be! My weekend with my wee ones. However, as I sit here and type I have only the crackle of a fire and the purring of my cats to keep me company. Nienna is off on a play date with Monique, because 3 days together at creche and an hour at dancing just isn't enough time LOL Beren decided to take the opportunity for some one on one with his dad at the same time. I am wondering if I need to shower or something LOL

I am just having a bite to eat, procrastinating whether to indulge in a clothes dryer, get pay tv, have a snooze, rearrange the spare/sewing/storage/office room or vacuum. On the vacuuming note, I did manage to find a cleaner and she starts next Friday. Seems a bit wrong having a cleaner but hey! The only time I have free is weekends and I hate spending a third of that catching up on housework. Thus, Ting will come once a fortnight an ddo the floors, bathroom etc and I will then feel much better that the house is clean and I am not overwhelmed and guilt ridden.

Taking the kids to see Circus Oz in August. Have just discovered the joys of Theatre North. When I lived here many moons ago there wasn't much to see anywhere but now there are heaps of shows on. I am very excited with the prospect of seeing so much. I was goign to take them to see Letters End but decided the days it was on just sucked and I think they will enjoy Circus Oz much more.

I am on the countdown until I go to Melbourne for four days. I am just hanging out for it as I am exhausted adn really need the break. I also miss my rav gals heaps and can't wait to spend some time with them. Not to mention lots of yarny goodness at Bendigo :)

On the yarn side of things I finished my socks, and need to upload the pic to prove I have! I am working on some hot water bottle cozies for the kidlets atm. Good for cable practice.
Other than that, just trying to keep warm!


chocolatetrudi said...

I'm totally bummed that I won't be going to Bendy, especially as it means I won't get to catch up with you. I'll just have to live vicarously through everyone else.

Nice socks! Circus Oz was fabulous when I saw it... gosh, over ten years ago!

Lou's Mum said...

I have a cleaner too. She comes once a fortnight to do my bathrooms and floors. She usually has time for my kitchen benches/cupboards and dusting as well. I used to feel guilty about it, but not anymore. It's not like I don't do anything around here anymore because of it! I still wash, fold, tidy, feed, make lunches, run kids here and there, do dishes, cook dinner etc,etc. No I don't feel guilty about not getting the uninterrupted time I need to have clean bathrooms! enjoy it :)

Bethwyn said...

I am jealous you're getting a cleaner! I want one so bad, just to do all the jobs that take forever and I hate doing, like the floors, the bathroom and toilet, etc. I also want a gardener. OR I would like to put the kids in daycare two days a week so I can get all that stuff done myself. Ah, one day, one day. Enjoy your cleaner!

Char said...

we cant wait to see you too! the socks look awesome, you mean you knitted TWO? madness..

And dont feel guilty for the cleaner, just let them do it, and enjoy coming home to a clean house!