08 June 2009

Our road trip to Queenstown

Due to the fact that the Queen was born we get a long weekend in her honour. So, with children in tow we headed west. My brother and his family live i the mining town of Queenstown and it has been almost 3 yrs since we have seen each other. My parents traveled up from Bicheno on Friday and we headed over there on Saturday. it is almost 4hrs drive and some of the road is quite windy and often snowy/icy. Fortunately the worst we got was rain and fog.

Some absolute proof that Gunns really does love Tassie! So much so it removes all the annoying trees!

Look back thru the valley from the road heading towards Tullah

Lake Plimsoll

Beren and Harrison(my brothers eldest) . H is 3mths younger than B. It was unbelievable how alike they are in mannerisms and looks.

This is Charleton, he is a bit over 2 and so full of character. He became Nienna's shadow over the weekend. He is gorgeous!
The accommodation. We hired a holiday house so we could all stay. There are cabins there too but much too small for all of us.

The boys, can you tell who is usually told to stand and smile and not be silly??Nienna and her latest fan!

on the way home today we stopped at Ulverstone for lunch. There is a playground there that has been there forever and the kids just loved it
This is my mum

The church over the road from the park had this sign out and I have to admit I found it hilarious for some bizarre reason


Eilleen said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love Tassie - so beautiful. Shame about those trees being cut down. :(

Sonia said...

Wow what awesome scenery! It looks like you've had a ball!