16 June 2009

what an interesting day

I am not sure whether to be amused, flattered or thoroughly pissed off.
This afternoon I got a very panicked call from, shall we say the big M, telling me to ring the little B

Turns out I have become somewhat of a security threat to the nation!!

I say amused because of that Shakespeare quote "Me thinks he doth protest too much" (shit that may even get me in trouble!)

I say flattered because I could be said to be so damn powerful and have such a perceived readership that the next thing I know I will have maccas and myer wanting to advertise on my blog.

And lastly I could well be just plain pissed off because mountains are being made out of mole hills and scapegoats are being herded on their slopes!!

Needless to say censorship is alive and well. Said posts have been removed not because of something I said but because little B is being fattened for slaughter without reason and the wanna be asio mob are too scared to talk to me :)

So, let me say welcome to my new followers!


Char said...

say whaaaaat?

belinda said...

Good Luck.. may a rational thought process hit the situation soon.

Kind Regards

Tanja said...

I have no idea how to follow that post. I'm thoroughly confused.
But if your readership is increasing, congrats. And I hope you get your Myer and Maccas advertising, lol!

Kebeni said...

Sorry for the confusion, the relevant folk with have understood I am sure :)