14 August 2009

This was after we moved to Bicheno, Tasmania. My brother had been born and there is about 4.5hrs between us. He would be maybe 2 in this so I am 6ish. It is funny looking and remember different things. I remember that top very well and how much I loved it. I had two of the same design with different patterns on the fabric, this must have been the fave though as I haven't seen any pics of the other one. A rare treat as my nanna made alot of clothes for me. Note the hand knit on my brother :)

Sitting in the sun on the slab for our house extension. this became the living room.

This was a professional photo shoot. We travelled to St Marys for the photo. The teeshirt I had on was red and my brothers was pale blue. You can't see in the photo but I had a big scabby face on the left side as I had an accident at school and the gravel came out the winner. I see the resemblence in my nephews to my brother in this photo and even Beren looks somewhat like he did.

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Eilleen said...

i've been really enjoying the old pics K! your parents pics are just gorgeous and how cute are you as a baby!

Also i think that beren looks a lot like your bro. I love the clothes :)

Char said...

LOVE the pics :)